Switching Over

Starting off, my name is Sydney. I am a teenage girl who lives life striving to live through Jesus in every way possible while drinking a cup of coffee (or tea). I’ve been told all my life that I am very mature for my age, spiritually and through common sense as well. At a young age, I was always shy and scared to be alone. I didn’t like to speak to others unless I was really close to them. Along with my shyness, I didn’t even want my mom to drop me off at school without her. Almost everyday I would pretend to be sick and go to the nurses office crying so she would call my mom. But one day I finally became brave enough, I had courage. As a kindergartner, I didn’t know what the word “courage” meant. Even today the word has so many different meanings to me. But that one specific day as a 6 year old, my mom gave me a toy puppy that she named “Courage”. She told me, “I got you something for being so brave today. This one though, I get to name. Its name will be ‘Courage’ because you had enough bravery to be outstanding and inspiring to the other kids in your class”. Today, the word sticks with me. I keep it in my head as I go through the day knowing that the Lord has given me a wonderful life with wonderful people and wonderful things, that I must have courage. Not only for myself, but also I want to inspire people; I want to encourage everyone I come across during my days.

I believe in happy days no matter what. Everyday should be happy because of the many blessings Jesus has provided for us. We take things for granted. If we are having a terrible day, usually we take it out on others. But that is the opposite of what we should be doing. I started blogging July of 2015 on a website provided by google. It was called “svickencourager”. I created my blogs from experiences, thoughts, and scripture all put in one. Blogging was my way of getting my “voice heard”. Sure enough with 16 post, I ended up with over 2000 views in a little over a year.

As time progressed, I wanted to improve my blogs and my topics because I never thought it would receive over just a few views from me and a couple of my friends. So as a kick off for the new and improved SydVick blog, a new title has been created and a fresh start of blogs are to be made. I really hope to share my love and passion of Jesus with whoever comes across my page and to encourage each and every person who takes time to listen.

More blogs are to be posted very soon, so stay tuned!

Sydney Vickery

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