Love like a Storm

It has been a chaotic couple of months and I knew there was something I needed to break away from for a bit. So for a while, I haven’t thought up any blogs, nor have I written any. Oh how I’ve missed it! But today, I surely know that God has been building up something inside of me to share.

The other week when I was headed to the beach as an early birthday gift, I would look out the window, and all I would see is an assortment of clouds. Most were darker, rainy clouds. There were a few light and fluffy ones, and every now and then I would see a hint of blue skies. No matter what though, it was still constantly raining. Then I began to think deeper into my thoughts. This is an entire explanation of out lives. We are forever seeking blue skies. We want this little hint to turn into a big great happiness in our life. So saying that, we are always wanting to see Jesus. We see little bits of him in everything, and when we do, we crave more of it because we see how great and beautiful it is. But even how badly we may want it, we get stuck in the rain storms of life. We tie ourselves up in things. We go by what the world says for things rather than Jesus’ word and what our heart tells us. We take stereotypes over the goodness of sincerity, love, pure beauty, and kindness. Then we take a step back eventually and evaluate what we have been doing. That’s when we see the dark clouds. The dark clouds represent the sin, misery, and the parts of life that we let ourselves get consumed in. Dark skies can be scary and overwhelming. So why don’t we look at the bad or useless decisions we make like that? We have one true place we need to see during our storm of life, and that is the blue skies hinting through to us, Jesus. We will get caught up in the rain sometimes, but you never want to let yourself get caught up in the dark, dark skies.

I have most definitely been lost in the storms. But Jesus and his gracious love helped me get back up on my feet to follow his light shining through. Even when I’m not stuck, I still run to him in prayer. Prayer is so important and in this generation, it isn’t emphasized on the power within it. People believe that since God can hear our every thought and that he knows our every need and want, that there is no need to pray. But how incredibly wrong that is. All he wants is to build up a relationship with us. He wants us to run to him with joy on a happy day, and he even wants us to run to him on our worst days. Even Jesus, man and the great wonderful spirit, prayed. It’s a love that is always there to comfort, support, and protect. Through the storms and though the light, he is always there. There to love and there to give.

Jesus is THE man. There is no other love as great and abounding as his. Run to him, look to him, pray to him, and live with him.

Thanks for reading!


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