Dark to Light, Old to New, Weak to Strong

Back in September, I wrote a blog on clouds and storms. It has been something I’ve been passionate about in a spiritual reference. Just recently I was meditating on the topic during my quiet time. Coincidental, I happened to be doing my quiet time by my window in my room when there was an insanely bright sunset. It had the most radiant colors that was stretched far and brought so much light. It got me thinking about why I love sunsets (and sunrises) so much.

This is my reasoning:

Everyday, the sun rises and the sun sets. Depending on the weather and where you are located is the deciding factor on whether or not you will actually see it. But no matter what, someone around the world is able to see it. Everyday the sky is different. Even if its the same day, every person will have a different view and a different perspective of it. I personally find that incredible. Sunsets and sunrises bring a sense of hope and renewal to me. A reassurance of redemption. It brings an enlightenment of new days, new beginnings, new opportunities, and new chances.

There are many times in the Bible where there are references of light. Times of removing the dark and bringing a light to our hearts, our lives. Several times it is referred to the image of a lamp. Some of the others are through the use of storms, clouds, and spiritual light. But through each of the references, the hope of bringing death to life, old to new, and weak to strong are being portrayed through the image of dark to light.

Its easy to get caught up in the chaos of life and run out of time in your days for reflection. I know I do sometimes. But if I keep on running a marathon of life without taking a water break, I get dehydrated, I get unmotivated. The small signs within everyday that the Lord will send, especially the ones through the beautiful sunsets and sunrises and the bright moon and stars, bring me motivation, reassurance, and a calm to take my rest and give it all to Him. My reflection and quiet time is what brings me fuel. It is what hydrates me so I can continue to run my marathon that I’m running for Him.

Take a moment. Observe your surroundings and meditate on them. If you’re in a hole or on top of a mountain, He will show you goodness and grace, just open your eyes and heart to see them.

Thanks for reading what has been on my heart lately!

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