My name is Sydney. I am a teenage girl who lives in a small town, striving to make a big difference in this troubled world. I love Jesus, coffee, and being my own person (also my new balance shoes…)

I have recently created this blog from switching over from a different website in which my blog was called “svickencourager”. The blog is still up with the many sketchy ones that I made in the past (

I have fallen in love with helping people whether its physically, spiritually, or even mentally. One way I started connecting with people was through writing them letters, sending messages, and even talking to them over a cup of coffee. So with this passion, I decided to start blogging in 2015. Since then, I have had over 2000 views on my past site.

I am hoping to exceed in this blog to help reach numerous people who are in need of hearing the words that God helps speak to me with. I would love to hear from anyone wanting to speak to me, so feel free to fill out the form below!