Dark to Light, Old to New, Weak to Strong

Back in September, I wrote a blog on clouds and storms. It has been something I’ve been passionate about in a spiritual reference. Just recently I was meditating on the topic during my quiet time. Coincidental, I happened to be doing my quiet time by my window in my room when there was an insanely bright sunset. It had the most radiant colors that was stretched far and brought so much light. It got me thinking about why I love sunsets (and sunrises) so much.

This is my reasoning:

Everyday, the sun rises and the sun sets. Depending on the weather and where you are located is the deciding factor on whether or not you will actually see it. But no matter what, someone around the world is able to see it. Everyday the sky is different. Even if its the same day, every person will have a different view and a different perspective of it. I personally find that incredible. Sunsets and sunrises bring a sense of hope and renewal to me. A reassurance of redemption. It brings an enlightenment of new days, new beginnings, new opportunities, and new chances.

There are many times in the Bible where there are references of light. Times of removing the dark and bringing a light to our hearts, our lives. Several times it is referred to the image of a lamp. Some of the others are through the use of storms, clouds, and spiritual light. But through each of the references, the hope of bringing death to life, old to new, and weak to strong are being portrayed through the image of dark to light.

Its easy to get caught up in the chaos of life and run out of time in your days for reflection. I know I do sometimes. But if I keep on running a marathon of life without taking a water break, I get dehydrated, I get unmotivated. The small signs within everyday that the Lord will send, especially the ones through the beautiful sunsets and sunrises and the bright moon and stars, bring me motivation, reassurance, and a calm to take my rest and give it all to Him. My reflection and quiet time is what brings me fuel. It is what hydrates me so I can continue to run my marathon that I’m running for Him.

Take a moment. Observe your surroundings and meditate on them. If you’re in a hole or on top of a mountain, He will show you goodness and grace, just open your eyes and heart to see them.

Thanks for reading what has been on my heart lately!


April 2018

Wow! It is crazy how quickly time has flown by. It’s been a couple of months since I’ve written a blog, but I am finally back with another one!

For the past few months I have been letting myself get consumed in school, so I decided I needed to keep my focus on my personal relationship with the Lord. I normally don’t write on things unless I feel it’s gonna be a good message to share. I have run into several things to write on, but it’s not to the point of where I think it sounds 100%.

This blog isn’t necessarily like any of my others. It is actually completely different.

As most of you know, I went on a mission trip to Nicaragua back in November of 2017. It was truly incredible. The people I came across, the places I visited, and the country itself completely transformed my life. I truly did not think I could ever love a place on earth so much that my heart hurts being away.

I am not going to go on with a long story about my trip, but if you’d like to know more about my experiences and how the Lord transformed my heart even more as I witnessed all that I did, feel free to contact me and I’d love to tell you all about it!

The reason I wanted to come and write a blog was to give a deeper explanation about my t-shirt fundraiser as I plan to return to the beautiful country again this fall.

Currently I am going through the nonprofit organization “Fund The Nations” for creating t-shirts.

I will have a picture linked to this blog, but here is why I chose the design.

On the front of the shirt there is a pocket with the shape of Nicaragua. Most people love pocket t-shirts, and the Nicaragua outline is pretty obvious.

On the back of the shirt, I incorporated a word and its definition. The word is “extol”. Before I left for Nicaragua, before meaning months ahead of the trip, I had to pray and pray over both myself and my team as we prepared to travel. For myself, I not only prayed for protection and comfort, I also prayed that I could continue to grow deeper from both my times in the states, and my times in Nicaragua as well. So from my experience traveling, my team and I visited a church. WOW. Talk about excitement for the Lord. Most of these people had absolutely nothing. But the ones that did, they still had a tough life. But once you walked into that church, they came with open arms. So welcoming, so joyful, so loving. They probably were some of the happiest people I have met. But once service started, they were singing and dancing with all they had. I don’t think I saw a soul in that church that wasn’t praising the Lord enthusiastically. They were, most definitely, extolling the Lord.

Later on in that week, I experienced girls singing at the top of their lungs in a power outage, “Vine a Adorarte” and “Océanos”. Not only did I get to experience their beautiful voices singing loud and proud, but I also witnessed long, deep, and meaningful prayer coming out of their mouths almost every night. Almost every person we came across had this deep desire to give the Lord all of their praise, their hurt, and their heart. They truly wanted to extol the Lord at the greatest of their ability.

Since then, I’ve been stuck on the word extol. I can’t tell you where I heard the word, but it really represents most of what I experienced in Nicaragua.

I will be pre ordering these shirts for the next few weeks for $25. Half of the profit will go to me and half will go to the cost to make the shirt. If you would like to help me fundraise to go back to Nicaragua and to receive a super soft, cute, and meaningful shirt, please contact me! If you can’t support me financially, I would really appreciate the prayers. I realize fall 2018 is a couple of months away, but it’s never too early to start planning and fundraising.

Thank you so much for all of the love and support!

Sydney Vickery

Living For Jesus

Another blog already? YES!!!

So when I was in Nicaragua over the break, I was asked to lead the devotion on that Thursday morning. I of course accepted it, but I was entirely clueless on what I was going to do it on and what I was going to say.

So as the week went on, I prayed to the Lord to help me figure out what He wants to move through me. As I fell in love with the country and people of Nicaragua, He was showing me how easy it was to love and share His gospel. But then that got me thinking. Being in a completely different country and being with complete strangers is where we all felt so comfortable and so revived. These people didn’t know us. Some could hardly understand us without having a translator. But they listened to us, they loved on us, they trusted us. So why is it so hard to do that at home?

The Lord really led me to a few verses that went along with this. He knew that I needed to share with my team, and to myself as well, that He knows it’s easier to share the gospel to those we don’t know and to love on strangers rather than doing that with people who are familiar with us.

We as human beings are so quick to judge someone. Whether it’s their appearance, their personality, their past, or just something that’s so little and pointless. I absolutely HATE that part about being a human. So because of that, so many of our friends and peers will make it harder on us to be who God has created us to be. Maybe you were not a good person in the past. Maybe you made mistakes in the past. Sometimes being around those who know the you that you used to be will be so quick to judge you. They might even be one of your best friends and still do that. Mistakes and your past do not define you. The only thing that defines you is who you are in Jesus.

A few verses that really hit me:

Matthew 13:53-58 (NIV)

“When Jesus had finished these parables, he moved on from there. Coming to his hometown, he began teaching the people in their synagogue, and they were amazed. ‘Where did this man get this wisdom and these miraculous powers?’ they asked. ‘Isn’t this the carpenter’s son? Isn’t his mother’s name Mary, and aren’t his brothers James, Joseph, Simon, and Judas? Aren’t all of his sisters with us? Where then did this man get all these things?’ And they took offense at him. But Jesus said to them, ‘A prophet is not without honor except in his own town and in his own home.’ And he did not do many miracles there because of their lack of faith.”

I feel like God had the same situation that most of us have. It was so much easier for him to work miracles in places where many were not familiar with him, compared to his own home where almost all knew him, but didn’t have hardly any faith in him.

So that week the Lord showed me that I needed to speak on the topic of coming home and being even more bold in our faith, even when others would be so quick to judge. Little did I know how much I would need to hear it over again this week.

Maybe this blog helped one of you reading this. If you EVER need to talk about anything, I am always glad to talk! Feel free to contact me at any point in time!

Thanks for reading!

“You are so very loved.”

Sydney Vickery

This is Now

One thing I like to do in the mornings is get on my phone and click on random apps and look through them for no reason (like.. why do we all do that?).

So I constantly try to get myself out of that habit by using the app “First 5”. If you don’t know what First 5 is, it’s an app with a quick devotion to read and take throughout your day. The purpose is to use this app as a way to make yourself do your bible study first thing in the morning. If you’re like me, I am very bad at getting ready quickly if I have not had a cup of coffee. So trying to fit in getting my lunch together, eating breakfast, making myself look decent enough to go out into the world, and do my bible study all in the morning is a tough one.

But First 5 has helped me dramatically. I know how important it is to do your bible studies in the morning because you may have things you learn during it, carry on throughout your day. So in the mornings I really enjoy to use this app.

Now to the real part of my blog…

On Tuesday December 12th, there was one thing on First 5 that really caught my attention. It said “And His kingdom won’t be fully established until He returns”.


I am always thinking about my future and planning how I hope it will happen. BUT – The Lord God Almighty has our paths planned for us. Yes, our actions do press on how it all plays out, but He has it made perfect. And honey, that Pinterest house, it may look beautiful and all you have ever dreamt of, but His kingdom is more than you can ever dream of.

We put ourselves in a place where we live in the future rather than the “now”. We take all of our wants and make them into “needs” when they really are not even close to being a need.

Over thanksgiving break I traveled on my first international mission trip to Managua, Nicaragua. It was a truly beautiful heartbreaking trip that has and will continue to change my life forever. My team and I’s hearts were meant to break there. While there, I soaked up so much. Much knowledge, visions, heart-felt moments, and stories. One thing I started thinking about was the saying “highs and lows”. Highs and lows can be taken into perspective along the lines of many different sayings. Highs and lows of elevations, highs and lows of feelings, and even the highs and lows of the points in our lives. But I started thinking of it in a different way.

When I was sitting beside a tree (yes a tree) in Nicaragua, I was praying. I said “Lord help me to pour out all I’ve got while I’m here. Help me to soak in everything and cherish every moment”. A few minutes later, I had my eyes closed. I heard the Lord whisper to me, “Okay but first, I know you’re thinking of your future. I know you’re thinking about what you will do tomorrow and the next day. Don’t. Focus on what you’re doing right now. Look at the highs and lows in your life. Sometimes you let the lows become so high that they destroy you”.

I was blown away.

It’s okay to try to think about your future life. And it is okay to plan your day ahead of time. But don’t LIVE in the future time. This is now.

We need to be preparing our hearts and our minds for the future the Lord has, the everlasting future with Him.

It’s not finished being established. It will when he returns. We are to help build His kingdom, and to do so, we must live in the now. Place your highs high and your lows low. What exactly does that mean? Well you see, it varies. What does it mean to YOU?

Isaiah 43:18-21

“Forget the former things; do not dwell on the past. See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it? I am making a way in the wilderness and streams in the wasteland. The wild animals honor me, the jackals and the owls, because I provided water in the wilderness and streams in the wasteland, to give drink to my people, my chosen, the people I formed for myself that they may proclaim my praise.”

Sydney Vickery

Love like a Storm

It has been a chaotic couple of months and I knew there was something I needed to break away from for a bit. So for a while, I haven’t thought up any blogs, nor have I written any. Oh how I’ve missed it! But today, I surely know that God has been building up something inside of me to share.

The other week when I was headed to the beach as an early birthday gift, I would look out the window, and all I would see is an assortment of clouds. Most were darker, rainy clouds. There were a few light and fluffy ones, and every now and then I would see a hint of blue skies. No matter what though, it was still constantly raining. Then I began to think deeper into my thoughts. This is an entire explanation of out lives. We are forever seeking blue skies. We want this little hint to turn into a big great happiness in our life. So saying that, we are always wanting to see Jesus. We see little bits of him in everything, and when we do, we crave more of it because we see how great and beautiful it is. But even how badly we may want it, we get stuck in the rain storms of life. We tie ourselves up in things. We go by what the world says for things rather than Jesus’ word and what our heart tells us. We take stereotypes over the goodness of sincerity, love, pure beauty, and kindness. Then we take a step back eventually and evaluate what we have been doing. That’s when we see the dark clouds. The dark clouds represent the sin, misery, and the parts of life that we let ourselves get consumed in. Dark skies can be scary and overwhelming. So why don’t we look at the bad or useless decisions we make like that? We have one true place we need to see during our storm of life, and that is the blue skies hinting through to us, Jesus. We will get caught up in the rain sometimes, but you never want to let yourself get caught up in the dark, dark skies.

I have most definitely been lost in the storms. But Jesus and his gracious love helped me get back up on my feet to follow his light shining through. Even when I’m not stuck, I still run to him in prayer. Prayer is so important and in this generation, it isn’t emphasized on the power within it. People believe that since God can hear our every thought and that he knows our every need and want, that there is no need to pray. But how incredibly wrong that is. All he wants is to build up a relationship with us. He wants us to run to him with joy on a happy day, and he even wants us to run to him on our worst days. Even Jesus, man and the great wonderful spirit, prayed. It’s a love that is always there to comfort, support, and protect. Through the storms and though the light, he is always there. There to love and there to give.

Jesus is THE man. There is no other love as great and abounding as his. Run to him, look to him, pray to him, and live with him.

Thanks for reading!


Self Rejection and Self Worth

Isaiah 12:2, “Surely God is my salvation; I will trust and not be afraid. The Lord, the Lord himself, is my strength and my defense; he has become my salvation.”

Why do we care what others think about us? Why do we care when others judge us; the way we look, the way we talk, our interests? We become so full into trying to please others in our appearance that we forget who we are and why we are here.

It hurts to know and see others judge you. I’ve experienced much of it, and it breaks my heart, honestly. Over the years, I cared about every little thing about myself. I felt as if I had to be the “perfect” image like the one the world was putting out. But as days, weeks, months, and years passed on, little by little, lesser things began to care to me. I knew the way I was raised, and that was to be myself.

When I was younger, I was always really shy. But along with my shyness, I had a big heart. Anytime I would see someone sitting by themselves, I always would be the one to change that. If it was just me and a few people, I would talk my face off.. almost literally. And as young kids, we could talk about anything to anyone without any thought because we all thought of each other as equal. Many days I wish I could go back to being a first grader with no cares in the world besides trying to get the 500 book medal. But as time passed, everyone got older and started realizing that every person is different. I started becoming more out going because I thought people had no care for a 3rd grader who is categorized as a “nerd” in school, the smallest kid in the grade, and a worrier for anything possible that you can think of. I was the kid who would worry their butt off to the point where I would almost cry if I forgot my homework at home (and sometimes if I forgot a pencil.. it was bad…..).

By the time I got to middle school, I met a girl who was just like the me I used to be. She was one of the sweetest girls I have ever met. One day in the hall, I noticed a group of girls whispering, laughing, and pointing at the girl. Let me just say, I HATE gossip and people being rude. So the girl that was getting pointed at, I walked up to her to talk to her. I was hoping if I talked to her that she wouldn’t notice what was going on behind her. Also, I figured she might need a friend. Once we started having conversation together, I learned she didn’t have the life you would dream of having. She lived in a foster home with so many rough things that had been going on in her life. Family was never great and friends were never big in her life. So over the next few weeks of getting closer, I started realizing how easy it was for her to block out what people said about her. She never had one thought of changing who she was just because some people thought she wasn’t “perfect”. But to me, that girl was much more perfect than any other person I’ve ever met. She’s perfect in her heart, and that is what matters. Unfortunately, she moved away around November of that year, but I know if I were to see her today, she would still have her same strong, passionate, and courageous character.

From meeting this girl, I learned a lesson out of it. We all need to realize that our Lord our God created us in His image. We are all made in His specialty, and anything we place down, we are placing down upon one of His amazing creations.

Our fears of being rejected usually come from our own self rejection. We could look in the mirror and see our own personal flaws that we don’t like. Just because we see it, we think about it, dwell over it, and fear that others will think the same over our “flaws”. This is all our self rejection that eventually leads to rejection. Two words: LOVE YOURSELF!

So why do we care? We are supposed to be on this world sharing His gospel and preparing ourselves for the day we get to switch over to eternity with Jesus Christ to praise Him, love Him, and be in awe by Him. We are not here to be opinionated by what others think are “flaws”. This world has presented the wrong message.

As children of God, we shouldn’t have to worry about what others think about us. We shouldn’t try to change ourselves.

When others make unkind remarks, or say unkind things, it really affects people. Be kind, love others, pray more.


Sydney Vickery


We all have those days where its just terrible, and we also have those days where its… so perfect. But within those days of chaos, worry, and stress, all we want to be is happy. Everyday all we want is pure happiness filled within us.

What makes you happy? Is it an object, the sky, friends, family, flowers, candy, or even sports? Whatever it may be, when you have the times of chaos, worry, or stress, what do you look to? When trouble occurs, do you look to the things that give you temporary fulfillment of happiness, or do you look to the everlasting fulfillment of happiness, Jesus, to find help?

We will always have a day that is what we call a “bad day” because something we wanted to happen, either didn’t occur or occurred in a different way. The reason we get so upset all the time is because we are always living our life on our schedule rather than the Lords. We believe we know what our path is and how our future is planned out, but we don’t. The Lord has our path laid out, all we have to do is follow it and keep our eyes open. When we close our eyes and start “dreaming”, that is when we loose track of our path and fall into a ditch on the side of the road (not literally… but you follow what I’m saying).

True happiness comes from the Lord. If you listen to Him and always keep your eyes open for the opportunities He has set for you, you will be amazed by all of the beauty and happiness in every little thing. The Lords love for us will change you when you recognize how great He is. Miracles will be worked within you, and it will flip your life around.

One thing that helps me keep my eyes open is having a prayer journal. Every night and even some mornings, I will write down everything I have to say to the Lord. By doing this, I can always keep my focus on the Him rather than getting distracted by anything else. Also, if I’m going through a tough time and I write about it, then later I can come back and see how much progress has been made in my life since then. Guys, the Lord wants every single one of us to talk to Him. When you’re wanting something to happen or if you’re already in a good mood, talk to Him. Ask Him if what you’re wanting is okay. He will lead you, just accept Him into your heart.

So happiness to me? Happiness to me is through so many things. I am a HUGE lover of: pictures, coffee, tea, flowers, good music, car rides, food, clouds, flowers, stars, LaCroix, summer tans, hugs, flowers, stationary things, and F L O W E R S! Oh and did I mention flowers? But even though all of these things can change my mood so quickly and make my day completely better, nothing compares to the plan and love set up by Jesus Christ.

If after reading this, you are still confused about how you can find so much happiness in the Lord, contact me! I would love to talk to you about how He has truly changed my life!


Thanks for reading,

Sydney Vickery


Romans 5:8 “But God demonstrates his own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us.” (NIV)

Where Do I Stand?

Many people ask the question, “Where do I stand?”. That question is only answered up to what you believe. Starting from the basics of this blog, I am basing this one upon where you stand in sharing His word.

As a follower of Christ, I still slip up and sin. We all do. There is no one perfect besides Jesus Christ. But even through our sin, our Lord forgives us. He loves us so much that He paid for our sins by dying on the cross… for us! Think about it. Have you thanked Him today for paying the price of ALL of our sins? Have you even thanked Him recently?

There is no way possible to ever thank our Lord enough for dying on the cross just to save us, but one thing we can do is share His beautiful word. Whether its to a single person or to crowds of people, it brings such joy to Him to have more people know Him.

One thing I live my life by is knowing that I and everyone else is on this earth for Him. He is the one who created us, and we are only living on a temporary world that He blessed us with. The true and everlasting life is not far away from us. It is going to be so beautiful and full of happiness all of the time. So why try to live our life so pointlessly on this earth He has given us? The Lord wants us to go out and live through Him. For us to share the word and help multiply decibels. Guys, He is glorious. Christ is going to put an end to all suffering. No one knows the day He will return, but more than likely, He’s not coming back until everyone has heard of the beautiful name of Jesus.

So why are you living carelessly? Everyone plays a roll in this life to live through Him. But your life doesn’t start until you’ve accepted Him into your heart. And truly, He IS happiness. True fulfillment doesn’t come from anything other than Jesus. He is waiting on you to live your life through Him and to start getting His word out. No matter what age or how you’ve lived your life already, He always forgives, He always loves you, and He wants you to want Him.

So where do you stand? You and I both are apart of His great kingdom. Luke 13:18-19 says, “Then Jesus asked, ‘What is the kingdom of God like? What shall I compare it to? It is like a mustard seed, which a man took and planted in his garden. It grew and became a tree, and the birds perched in its branches.'” If you know what the tree looks like grown from a mustard seed, then you know its a very large tree. They are usually wide, full, and tall. These trees continue to grow and grow to become very large. What I took away from this passage is that Jesus planted this mustard seed, and over the years, He’s had help from many birds, natural resources, and other animals to help create this large tree that is still continuing to grow. In this, we are like the birds, animals, and resources. Without them, this tree would grow very slow. So in reality, without us, His kingdom would grow slowly. He wants us to help create decibels among the nations to help His kingdom grow until the day He returns.

The next time you doubt yourself with the Lord, know that He loves you and he needs you to stop wasting your time. Go share our beyond amazing creator with everyone!

January 2017 Verse

1 Peter 1:22, “Now that you have purified yourselves by obeying the truth so that you have sincere love for each other, love one another deeply, from the heart.”

Genuine. I have no words.

Guys, our Lord loves us with EVERYTHING. His love is unconditional. The least we can do is strive to show others His love through us.

Now, let me tell you all a little something.

Everyday I hear drama at school. Drama really tears people down so much. Why does drama exist anyways, people ask. We hear “rumors” and even just simple statements, and unaware if it is true or not, we like to start talking about it and telling others. This “gossip” that gets around can hurt people. No matter if you’re a guy or a girl, young or old, you are all sensitive somehow.

From going to public school my whole life, I have heard many things true and also a lot more things that were made up being spread around person to person. All of this hatred in school has led to arguments which led to rumors that quickly led into a big gossip. I will admit, I have gossiped before. Everyone has. But from that, I learned so many lessons.

People always say “middle school changes people” or “high school changes people”. But those statements are false. The school has nothing to do with every single person in changing their character. If someone changes from “that school”, it is who they surround themselves with and the choices they make that actually change them. I will admit, ever since the beginning middle school, I have had the hardest time keeping friends who will lift me up rather than break me down. I can’t stand to hear the drama or be around the judgmental people anymore. All I want to do, see, and hear is love shining through. But we are called to share the gospel with ALL. The people who are rude, the people who are kind, your friends, the ones you don’t always associate with, E V E R Y O N E!

The surrounding verses of 1 Peter 1:22 are talking about being Holy in everything you do, by doing everything through Christ. It is impossible to be like Christ, just like it is impossible to be fully devoted to Him. Even like I said in the last blog, you have to strive in everything you to do pull yourself up to Him. The Lord has His hand waving it in front of you, just waiting to pull you up to Him so He may protect you. But for that to happen, you must grab onto His hand. He just wants you to love Him and love others, deeply.

What is the first thing you notice in people when you first meet them? For me, I try my best to pay attention to the way they love and treat others. Love is one of the most important qualities. Not only because of our definition of love today, but because Jesus is love. If someone really is showing loving qualities, then they are showing qualities of striving to be like Jesus Christ.

So once we start seeking Christ and striving to be like Him, we are called to do many things in His word. We are called to love, to share the gospel, and live through Him. But for this verse, the most important thing He is trying to get across to you is the importance of love. LOVE PEOPLE. LOVE HIM. Stop all of the hatred and judgement and start loving and complementing.

He loves us with more than we could ever imagine. He is greater, greater than all. Nothing is better than His unconditional love, so reach out and help others seek His unfailing love.

Sydney Vickery


“Holy is the Lord revealed before my eyes
And my burning heart can scarcely take it in
As I behold your beauty with unworthy eyes
The only song my soul can find to sing
Is Hallelujah, Hallelujah, Hallelujah my King”

Fully Devoted

Do you ever walk into a situation and think, “Why is this so tough on me Jesus?”. This is one thing I struggle with in trying to share His word and remain true to who I am. I go into speaking His word and finding myself being judged more than usual. But the Lord tells us in James 3:1, “Not many of you should become teachers, my fellow believers, because you know that we who teach will be judged more strictly.” To be so fully devoted in sharing His word and doing as He, you need realize that you must know what you’re talking about, and you must know there will be bumps in the road sometimes. But through it all, you should not become discouraged.

One step. One step is all it takes to praise Christ alone. But are you willing to make your one step an incredible one? Will you let it change your life by becoming fully devoted into praising Jesus Christ in this overly amazing life He has blessed us with? That step can be what separates you from becoming truly devoted to Him.

What do you prioritize in your life? Many people let sports, friends, relationships, and jobs be a priority over what they know is more important. The way this world is becoming, the gospel truly needs to be spread. We are here on this earth to spread the Lords word nations among nations to proceed to live with Him in Heaven to eternally worship Him, our great and powerful creator. We take all he has given us for granted; we pour our lives into objects and people rather than Jesus. These priorities are the steps we take rather than the large and incredible step to devoting our lives in Jesus Christ.

Jesus should be our number one priorities. Priorities is plural because we should do everything, EVERYTHING, through Him. The Lord died for us. He died so we could all be saved. Jesus could care less about himself, He just wanted everyone to know how great our Trinity is. For you who do not know what Trinity means, it is the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. The least we can do is get out and proclaim the amazing name of Jesus.

Be fully devoted in Him. Show through your actions in everything you do. Let people be able to recognize you for your love and passion of Jesus and His powerful and all incredible works. We all slip up sometimes. It’s apart of our human nature in sinning. Everyone sins. But the Lord has done so much for us that it is impossible to ever repay. What else do you believe is superior in spending your time in rather than Him?

It is impossible to be 100% to Him because only He is perfect. But in reality to be fully devoted to Him, you must give your all in everything you do. You do not need to look at other people and wish you could be like them, you should look at the Lord and strive to be like Him.

So what is it going to take? Are you afraid of judgement? Do you need some encouragement? The Lord is waiting on you, don’t waste His time. Run to Him with open arms and praise Him. His love will never fail you!

Sydney Vickery