April 2018

Wow! It is crazy how quickly time has flown by. It’s been a couple of months since I’ve written a blog, but I am finally back with another one!

For the past few months I have been letting myself get consumed in school, so I decided I needed to keep my focus on my personal relationship with the Lord. I normally don’t write on things unless I feel it’s gonna be a good message to share. I have run into several things to write on, but it’s not to the point of where I think it sounds 100%.

This blog isn’t necessarily like any of my others. It is actually completely different.

As most of you know, I went on a mission trip to Nicaragua back in November of 2017. It was truly incredible. The people I came across, the places I visited, and the country itself completely transformed my life. I truly did not think I could ever love a place on earth so much that my heart hurts being away.

I am not going to go on with a long story about my trip, but if you’d like to know more about my experiences and how the Lord transformed my heart even more as I witnessed all that I did, feel free to contact me and I’d love to tell you all about it!

The reason I wanted to come and write a blog was to give a deeper explanation about my t-shirt fundraiser as I plan to return to the beautiful country again this fall.

Currently I am going through the nonprofit organization “Fund The Nations” for creating t-shirts.

I will have a picture linked to this blog, but here is why I chose the design.

On the front of the shirt there is a pocket with the shape of Nicaragua. Most people love pocket t-shirts, and the Nicaragua outline is pretty obvious.

On the back of the shirt, I incorporated a word and its definition. The word is “extol”. Before I left for Nicaragua, before meaning months ahead of the trip, I had to pray and pray over both myself and my team as we prepared to travel. For myself, I not only prayed for protection and comfort, I also prayed that I could continue to grow deeper from both my times in the states, and my times in Nicaragua as well. So from my experience traveling, my team and I visited a church. WOW. Talk about excitement for the Lord. Most of these people had absolutely nothing. But the ones that did, they still had a tough life. But once you walked into that church, they came with open arms. So welcoming, so joyful, so loving. They probably were some of the happiest people I have met. But once service started, they were singing and dancing with all they had. I don’t think I saw a soul in that church that wasn’t praising the Lord enthusiastically. They were, most definitely, extolling the Lord.

Later on in that week, I experienced girls singing at the top of their lungs in a power outage, “Vine a Adorarte” and “Océanos”. Not only did I get to experience their beautiful voices singing loud and proud, but I also witnessed long, deep, and meaningful prayer coming out of their mouths almost every night. Almost every person we came across had this deep desire to give the Lord all of their praise, their hurt, and their heart. They truly wanted to extol the Lord at the greatest of their ability.

Since then, I’ve been stuck on the word extol. I can’t tell you where I heard the word, but it really represents most of what I experienced in Nicaragua.

I will be pre ordering these shirts for the next few weeks for $25. Half of the profit will go to me and half will go to the cost to make the shirt. If you would like to help me fundraise to go back to Nicaragua and to receive a super soft, cute, and meaningful shirt, please contact me! If you can’t support me financially, I would really appreciate the prayers. I realize fall 2018 is a couple of months away, but it’s never too early to start planning and fundraising.

Thank you so much for all of the love and support!

Sydney Vickery

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